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Discovering the Amalfi coast and its beauties

It can be said that the Amalfi Coast is by far one of the most beautiful places and really shouldn't be missed. The Amalfi Coast, together with Positano and Ravello is an unforgettable driveway where the views are literally breathtaking. It should be quietly admired from the comfort of the car where you will be able to appreciate the richness of the extroadinary natural scenery of this amazing coastline. You will be enchanted by its little characteristic houses, nativity scenes carved into the rocks and layers and layers of beautiful flowers which cover the terraces.


The first point of call is Positano,

a romantic pearl of the coast which is characterized by windy narrow lanes and pathways. Positano is also called "The
gem of the coast" due to its vertical structure which is built into the mountainside, making it look like a precious stone.


To be visited: Santa Maria dell' Assunta church, the Gods pathway and the "Gallis".

A visit to the grottos of Positano and its beautiful beaches are also well worth a visit.



Then you will be accompanied to Amalfi.

To get to Amalfi you will be driven through the quaint villages of Praiano, Furore and Conca dei Marini. Amalfi is an
antique Marine Republic which was declared to be a World Humaniterian Heritage of the Unesco. A regatta is held there every year which is an important local tradition that relives the powers of the Italian mariners. All the inhabitants
of Amalfi join in with the festivities by parading in traditional costumes of that age so we can recall the important moments of the fourth marine republic.


To be visited: the S. Andrea Dome, Dogi Square and Municipio Square. The famous liqueur of the area, which is called Limoncello must also be tasted, it is made of lemons which are freshly picked from the numerous lemon trees of the area and is to be drank cold after a meal.

The famous ceramics shop in Conca dei Marini is also well worth a visit, it is a showroom which exhibits a vast range of  locally made ceramic objects.


The next stop is Ravello,

a small town which is perched on the top of a spectacular range of mountains and is dominated by the Dragon's valley which overlooks Maiori and Minori. From Ravello you will be able to see breathtaking views of The Bay of Salerno. Ravello is also famous for its musical festivals and performances that are held there every year. The Musical Festival of
Ravello takes place there.


To be visited: Villa Rufolo (where the musical festival is held) where you can gaze at the amazing scenery of the cost line and appreciate the well kept gardens with their beautiful flowerbeds and Villa Cimbrone (which also offers breathtaking scenery of the coast) where you will be able to see from Maiori to Amalfi.


During the journey you will have the opportunity to taste the typical specialities of the area in a family run restaurant which specializes in homemade dishes made from the local products.

Cultural Itinerary

By visiting Sorrento and Pompei you will be able to appreciate the history and origins of these wonderful places of interest.


The first stopover. Pompei and its archeological site. Pompei boasts a  reputation as being one of the most famous and interesting places in the world. By actually seeing the site in person (which is still today  in an excellent  state of conservation), means reliving the daily lives of the old Roman  civilization and actually imagining what it was really like for these  inhabitants to go through such a tragedy all those centuries ago, in 79 A.D. It was  actually in 79 A.D when the tragic eruption occured which wiped out the  population of Pompei. It was in 79 A.D when the great volcano of Vesuvius  erupted and covered the city with ash and lava,preserving it during the  centuries. In 1997, UNESCO declared Pompei as a World Heritage of humanity because it was a testimony of a past society.

To be visited: the archeological site of Pompei.


The second stopover. Sorrento: squares and museums. Like Pompei, Sorrento is well  worth a visit and you really must be shown around the Sorrentinian Peninsular. There are lots of amazing places to see both on sea or on land from the most  spectacular hidden corners of this charming terrace which overlooks the Bay of  Naples and Salerno.
To be visited: Tasso square, The Correale museum and the Cathedral.

Not to be missed: leisurely walks along the characteristic vicolo S. Cesareo, nick-named the "o’ schizzariello" and theTarantella, a typical local dance.


And why not try the typical local cuisine of Sorrento?

Pozzuoli and the area of Flegrei: beautiful and cultural places of interest.         

Just a few kilometres from Naples is the town of Pozzuoli. Pozzuoli is characterized by a volcanic system which is still active,and can be found in the area of the "Campi Flegrei",where a fully active volcano is situated , called The Solfatara. It would give me great pleasure to show you around, and explain the fascinating phenomena of ths area, diving into the past.


To be visited:
la Solfatara: a 4000 year old volcano,still active today with its fumarole  activities and the emission of vapours which can reach temperatures of up to 160° C.

L'Anfiteatro Flavio: This amphitheatre is the third largest in Italy after the  Colosseum and the one at Santa Maria Capua Vetere. It can hold as many as 40,000  spectators.The most remarkable part of its structure are the large underground  parts, perfectly preserved, where violent combats and games took place. The Flavio  Amphitheatre was built in the first century A.D during the reign of Emperor  Vespasian, but it was Nerone who initiated the construction of this impressive  amphitheatre.

The Temple of Serapis: (Macellum), is also situated in Pozzuoli and was built  in the Flavi age. It was in fact a public market where alimentary products were  exchanged.

The Rione Terra: was the first religious and urban centre to emerge. Due to  bradyseism, the area was evacuated in 1970 and restructural works are still  taking place today.

L'Antro della Sibilla: (Sibilla's Antrum) was dug into the tufa rock and was  the residence of the sacerdotessa of Apollo.The long narrow grotto comes out  onto a vast rectangular area.

Not to be missed:The Belvedere and The Church of San Gennaro where we can find  a stone which is stained with blood. If the blood liquifies on San Gennaro's  saint day, it is belived that he has performed a miracle.


A personalized itinerary can be organized so you may visit whatever sights you  should find of particular interest.


A stopover in a restaurant will be provided in the restaurant Limoneto, which is  a part of the Hotel Agave, delightfully situated among the greenery of Pozzuoli, so you will have the oppurtunity to try out the local products and taste the  local cuisine.


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