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Sorrento deserves a particular mention among the wonders of the peninsular where it gets its name from. It is a small city which has about 18000 inhabitants. Sorrento enjoys an exceptional geographical position, situated on a terrace of tufa rock overlooking the sea. The natural environment and breathtaking scenery is exhilarated by the rich plantations of citrus orchards. By gazing from the cliff tops which overlook the sea you will be stunned by the views of the Bay of Naples, Vesuvius and its islands (Capri, Procida and Ischia). These natural element have allowed Sorrento to become one of international tourism's precious sanctuaries.


Positano is an exquisite village which is a part of the famous Amalfi Coast. It is situated in a splendid valley overlooking the sea. Positano is one of the best known holiday resorts of the coastline. The houses are characteristically built in a cubic shape. Positano was once a poor village during the first half of the XX century, but since 1950 it has become a popular and much loved tourist resort.


Amalfi is the main city of the coastline which it gets its name from (the Amalfitan Coast). It is situated in the gulf of Salerno and was once a maritime republic which had a powerful trading centre in the Mediterranean.


Geographically speaking Ravello belongs to the Amalfitan coast. It is 400 meters above sea level and overlooks the towns of Maiori and Minori. Ravello boasts spectacular views of the Gulf of Salerno, it is also famous for it's charming gardens: Villa Cimbrione and Villa Rufolo.


Pozzouli is in the heart of "the Campi Flegrei" and the Pozzuoli citizens characterized by a glorious past. The antique Puteoli, during the first imperial age, played a fundamental part in the commercial activity tied to the legendary city of Rome. A testimony of such prestige lies in the archeological works positioned around the whole territory: "The Flavio Amphitheatre"(the third largest in Italy)"The Macellum"(The Temple of Serapide),the public market from the imperial age in the north of the city. We can also find the area of necropoli and the "Rione Terra", the oldest settlement where shops and thermal spas have recently been built.You can't miss a visit to the Solfatara, which allows you to discover the volcanic origins of an extraordinary territory by observing the live active phenomenons.There is also a natural park nearby which is protected by Monte Nuovo(as a result of the eruption in 1938).


Pompei is famous for the eruption of the volcano Vesuvius in 79ad which made it become a place of historical, cultural and artistic interest. Nowadays Pompei is visited by millions of tourists, who, by visiting this famous archeological site, can imagine how the inhabitants of this town led their everyday lives all those centuries ago.


Herculaneum was an ancient Roman city, situated in the town of Herculaneum. The city is famous for having been destroyed along with Pompeii, in the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 which buried it with materials that have solidified in overheated tuff. These materials killed all the residents who were unable to escape. Today is an archaeological site visited by millions of tourists..



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